Jenny Procida-Galea - Profile.jpg

My name is Jenny, and I am a transatlantic graphic designer with experience in in-house, agency, and freelance environments.

I spent the majority of my young life nursing an affinity for "making things look pretty." After realising this indeed was a marketable skill, I began the formal pursuit of graphic design in 2008. I enrolled in Suffolk University's graduate program and fell in love with vector illustration, typography, and photo editing in particular. I received my Master of Arts in Graphic Design in 2011 and headed off to the real world.

My experience includes in-house work with the Archaeological Institute of America, agency work focused on the Hispanic market at Pólvora Advertising, and currently, in-house work at Daisy Group by day and freelance work for bands and venues by night.

I have learned through time that there is far more to design than I assumed when I was young. To me, effective design is all about telling a story, creating a scene, or setting a mood to ultimately form a connection with the viewer. With every project undertaken, my aim as a designer is to activate something in the mind of the viewer - a feeling, a dream, a sense of whimsy, for example - to send a message.

When I am not designing, I am most likely enjoying the company of my three cats while sipping a strong double espresso, and on a good day, nibbling on a croissant.